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You Are Magic and So Is The World Around You

Fancy doing some magic together? Yes, I am very, ow very serious. We can brew some potions and cast some spells for others to adore us.

How does that sound? A little bit insane? Maybe slightly voodoo or even black, illegal or better-not-touch that thingie stuff?

That's how majority of people react when they hear the word MAGIC. Like it is the only thing witches do.

Or in other words, those kookoo women trying to align with Nature, Goddesses and whatever is out there. So freaking crazy and weird (*murmuring some incantations right now).

And of course, there are those big world believers that assume that "there is no magic in the world", LIKE AT ALL. Because for them magic itself is a different term from reality.

But isn't reality itself MAGIC?

Don't tell me you never have had those moments in your life when events happened to you and seemed quite freakishly magical. When you truly felt magical inside and out. When everything washed over you deleting all the worries, troubles and even surrounding environment.

Making you feel complete; powerful and yet, soooo light, and so ow sooo happy.

It might have been few minutes, maybe even seconds. But we all have had at least few of those miracle moments. Moments of total alignment. Alignments with Universe Within.

And when its "POOOOOP". GONE. And the world gets back to its original shithall of issues.

Talking about issues, the issue is that we often think that a miracle or magic is something "out of the world", something enormously magnificent like waking up from death or being saved from the death bed.

Angels sing during these moments, doctors open their mouths and we experience an ultimate enlightenment. Amen.

While these moments are true miracles and it would really be nice to see them happen more often, the world contains lots of other miracles too.

We could call them smaller miracles, though I do not really want to decline their value and go on the comparison ladder. Because magic should not be compared in terms of bigger or smaller.

Magic is just magic. Yes, there are different varieties of magic with very different results. But still all of it is magnificent magic.